DIY Ribbon Tassel Keychains

In the golden age of do-it-yourself crafting and maker culture, the possibilities for making unique and one-of-a-kind gifts and keepsakes for yourself and loved ones are limitless. But the idea of crafting something handmade from start to finish can also seem daunting and overwhelming for many people, be it a young elementary school student in an art class or an adult looking to begin (or get back into) the crafting world. If you’ve ever wanted to make a personalized gift for a friend, something unique for yourself or some favors for a party but balked at the time, skill level and materials required for the project, ribbon tassel key chains are one of the most versatile and user-friendly craft projects around.

Ribbon Tassel

How to Get Started

This is a great project for both experienced and novice crafters and DIY lovers. All you need to get started is a plain key ring, a pair of scissors, and your choice of ribbons and trim. Get creative when choosing your ribbons and materials, and follow a few basic instructions to get you started.

Ribbon Tassel Keychain Design Ideas by Theme

This easy and budget-friendly project has endless possibilities for styles and themes. The simple design gives you the opportunity to play with colors, textures, and patterns for eye-catching and unique pieces of handmade art. Try one of these suggestions, or let your imagination take over and come up with a personalized ribbon pattern and design of your own!

The Art Deco Ribbon Tassel Keychain

The art deco era was all about bold statements and contrasts with deep, rich colors and materials. Think modern-day color blocking with a splash of zebra print for a little Jazz Age pizazz!


The Vintage Ribbon Tassel Keychain

With so many eras to choose from, focusing on fabrics like lace and velvet will make a great choice for vintage lovers, whether they are partial to the Belle Epoque or the flower power of 1960s San Francisco.


The Dog Lover’s Ribbon Tassel Keychain

Because your fur babies and friends deserve a little bling and handmade love too, a paw-themed ribbon keychain can be used to personalize and dress up a dog collar or simply to remind its owner of their special bond when they are apart!


The Patriotic Ribbon Tassel Keychain

Whether it’s the 4th of July or a random summer picnic or party, there is never a wrong time to show a little love and tribute to the stars and stripes.



Pro tip: The keychain can be used for more than holding a set of keys. It can also work as a bookmark or placeholder for spiral bound books, journal, and planners, making it a creative and practical gift for the paper lovers in your life! They can also be used for purely decorative purposes for your home, car, office or bag! offers a huge selection of satin, grosgrain, sheer organza, velvet, lace, jute and much more! You’ll also find a large collection of craft accessories like bows, loops, ties, trims, pull bows and washi tape for a broad range of projects and handmade gift ideas.


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