What is Grosgrain Ribbon Used For?

Grosgrain is durable, versatile, and useful for just about any craft project!

One of the questions we get all the time is, “What is grosgrain ribbon used for?” Our answer is simple: you can use it for almost anything!

If you don’t already know, grosgrain fabric is a heavy-duty fabric, easily recognizable by the distinct ribs that run across its surface. Most grosgrain ribbons are made from silk or nylon, though historically they have been made from wool, mohair, silk or some combination of the three. The stiffness of the fabric means that grosgrain is functional as well as beautiful, and it’s used for everything from watch bands to book-binding to nets for securing cargo.

Grosgrain Uses

In addition to its functional applications, grosgrain ribbon can be used to add flair in a variety of settings. The stiffness of the ribbon makes it a wonderful complement to any gift package (especially for Christmas!). It can also be used to make stunning hair bows or wedding decorations.

Searching for ideas to jumpstart your first grosgrain project? Here are a few creative things to do with grosgrain ribbon:

Celebrate the Kids!

These days, our kids are busy all year. Whether we’re running them to school, soccer camp, dancing lessons, or band practice, it seems they’re always on the go. And with each activity comes the inevitable awards ceremony or recital to showcase their talents.

With a little creativity and a glue gun, solid colored grosgrain ribbon makes a great rosette bow! Or you can use it to hang medals around the award-winner’s neck (think gold medals at the Olympics)! In fact, there are even sports-themed grosgrain ribbons that allow you to customize the awards for whatever sport your child plays.

FYI: No matter what your child’s hobby or passion, there is sure to be a pattern or print for you. From from music to animals and everything in between – grosgrain comes in a wide variety!

In the Home

Grosgrain ribbons are also great for home decor. Some of our favorite projects include holiday wreaths, Christmas decorations, and curtain ties. We also love the idea of using grosgrain ribbon to decorate a corkboard or vision board for the home.

You can also take advantage of grosgrain’s durability for home projects. Need to hang a picture? Just staple a piece of your favorite grosgrain to the back of a picture frame and hang it right from a hook on your wall. You can use this same technique to hang kitchen tools from hooks placed underneath a cabinet.

For the Office

Most people haven’t considered using ribbon in the office, but we’ve all been to work parties and catered events that suffered from a lack of decorative spirit. Imagine what a few yards of colorful ribbon could do to improve the atmosphere!

Grosgrain ribbon is also well-suited for client gift baskets and employee award ceremonies. We’ve even used grosgrain as decoration to welcome new moms and dads returning to work.

If you haven’t used grosgrain ribbon before, give it a try! Its durability and style is unparalleled. Given the broad range of sizes, colors, and styles available, grosgrain ribbon is sure to be an inspiration for your next craft project. Take a look through our high-quality grosgrain ribbon selection to find the ribbon that’s right for you!


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