A Guide to Selecting the Perfect Ribbon for Your Bow

Ribbon for bows

Having trouble getting your bow just right? You might be using the wrong type of ribbon for your project. Choose the right ribbon to make your embellishments stand out!

Wrapping a Child’s Birthday Gift

A vibrant and playful bow makes any present as much of a treat on the outside as it is on the inside. Satin finish poly ribbons for bows make a fun and colorful addition to any gift. The finish adds a touch of shine, and the tough yet flexible material helps the bow hold its shape. Use as many colors as you like, and add a final flourish by carefully running the ends over a pair of scissors to create a bundle of bouncy curls!

Add a Touch of Elegance to a Ballet Costume

Sheer organza ribbons lend a bit of pizzazz to the bows on your prima ballerina’s costume. Sew loops of various sizes, layering and folding them to create a bow shape, and then stitch them together. The silky threads will create soft, bouncy bows, while the sturdy edges provide strength so the bow can maintain its shape through all those spins and twirls.

Bring on the Festive Cheer

For festive holiday decor, try a wide, textured ribbon bow on your Christmas wreath. Christmas-themed ribbon is available in so many textures and colors that you can easily create something unique that still feels traditional and reminiscent of the holidays. The sturdy wired edges on this ribbon make it easy to craft a bow that will last for many Christmases to come.

Embellish Headbands with Grosgrain Ribbon

Use your favorite grosgrain ribbon for bows on headbands. To start, cover a plastic headband with a solid color ribbon. Then, top it off with a flower, bow, or fun design in a bold pattern. Be adventurous and get creative! Add pearls or rhinestones to show off your own personal flair.

Ribbon for Bows in Crafts, Cardmaking, and Scrapbooking

There are many different uses for premade bows in craft projects, but we think that you might as well tie your own! Add special flair to homemade cards or your scrapbooking project using narrow ribbons for bows or borders.

Narrow ribbon is also great for craft projects like petite carnation flowers, which rely on bow-tying techniques for a beautiful, more complex presentation.

Flocked Ribbon…Need We Say More?

Flocked ribbon for bows on a birthday or bridal shower gift will make the event one to remember. The velvety texture gives the bow a luxurious feel, and the different colors and patterns available allow you to customize your gift to the recipient. Create a decorative ornament for your Christmas tree or intertwine a white and silver design with greenery in a mercury glass vase for a modern wedding centerpiece. From a simple bow atop a box to something a little more daring, flocked ribbon inspires creativity.

No matter what project you’re planning, there’s a ribbon to fit your needs. Now that you know what to look for, peruse our selection of high-quality ribbons and get crafting!




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