4 Ways to Decorate Cakes Using Ribbon

Cakes are a celebratory tradition that is used to mark a slew of festive occasions. While many people decorate cakes with icing to make them more intricate and fun, one of the most unique and interesting ways you can decorate a cake is by using ribbons. Ribbons not only make a cake look more ornate, they also play into the festive nature and aesthetic that matches a celebratory occasion. Here are five clever ways you can use ribbons to decorate cakes.

Decorate Cakes Using Ribbon

Ribbon Base

For a sleek and elegant addition to any cake, use a wide, thick cloth ribbon to cover the base of a solid iced cake. Create a cake that is iced completely in white icing. Then, take a ribbon like the solid color grosgrain ribbon and wrap it all the way around the base of the cake. You can use wet icing to adhere the ribbon to the cake. For an even more decorative look, tie another bow using the same ribbon, and attach that bow to the ribbon base using hot glue.

Multi-Tiered Ribbon Cake

If you are making a multi-tiered cake (like a wedding cake), you can repeat the above steps with a thinner ribbon at the base of each tier. Simply measure and cut the right amount of ribbon to completely wrap around the base of each tier. Use wet icing to adhere the ribbon to the layer of cake. You can choose a thinner ribbon for this decorative choice, like this 3/4″ satin finish poly ribbon, which comes in 17 different color options.


Ribbon-Wrapped Cupcakes

Sometimes you don’t want to make a whole cake — you want to have individual cupcakes! Fortunately, you can use ribbon to decorate cupcakes as well. Choose a thin, flexible ribbon-like the colorized pearlized raffia ribbon or the 3/16″ crimped curling ribbon. Measure and cut pieces that are about 2 inches longer than the diameter of the cupcake, then tie a piece around each cupcake, fastening them into a bow. If you use curling ribbon, you may also want to use scissors to curl each end; this will give the cupcakes a more fun, playful, celebratory look.

Ribbon Cake Decoration

Bow Topper

For a simple way to add ribbon to your cake, consider tying the ribbon into a bow to create a festive topper. To do so, you can buy ribbon with wire in it, like the sheer organza wired ribbon, or the woven-in wired satin ribbon. The wire helps the ribbon keep a bow shape once it is tied. Simply tie the ribbon into a bow, then stick it to the top of the cake using wet icing that will dry. You can do this on top of a simple single layer cake, or you can top a more complex cake with multiple tiers.

If you want to decorate your cake using ribbon for an upcoming occasion, check out the selection at Ribbons.com. Ribbons.com has a huge selection of ribbons that come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, so you can find just the right embellishment to dress up your cake — no matter whether your cake is for a birthday party, a wedding or just a delicious treat you want to eat at home.


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  1. I need a 1 1/2 (one and 1/2 inch) thick 100% polyester/satin gold ribbon with or w/o rhinestone design by next Tuesday at the latest.
    It cannot be wired/shear or shear edges/ruffled glittered or fringed edges. This is for a Tier cake and the baker

    1. Hi Jim,
      Thank you for your message. Here are a few gold ribbon options that may fit what you are looking for:

      For shipping details, please feel free to contact our team via chat on the bottom right of Ribbons.com or email us at info@ribbons.com.

      Thank you!

  2. I am so thankful for what you have shared about these cake decoration techniques and ideas. My daughter is getting married in December and this tip is so timely. Maybe I could make a suggestion of designing the cake as well as the theme using multi-striped grosgrain ribbons. For sure, that would be so lovely!

  3. I do agree with you that cake decoration can be interesting, enhanced and be more fun with the use of ribbons. Although cakes could come without ribbons, adding it can make the cake more attractive and pleasant to eat as that what really made me pick one of the cakes when choosing for a birthday gift last time. Considering its appeal and the reaction I received then, I will definitely settle for a cake with colorful ribbons around the cake and will buy those ribbons when I, myself, will bake a birthday cake.


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