Our New Favorite Bow: The Rosette Bow

We are currently loving the bold beautiful shape of the Rosette Bow. Inspired by the delicate shape of a flower, this bow is a versatile embellishment or accessory. It’s also easy to make! Let us show you how.

Rosette Bow


A Rosette Bow For Every Occasion: Embellish, Accessorize, Gift

The rosette design is a decorative element that has been used since antiquity. It is defined by its petal-like ruffles has been known to be a symbol of dignity, authority, and if you’re us – beauty. We love using this floral motif to accentuate our awards, clothes, and gifts.

Embellish awards: Celebrate and motivate by creating awards or badges using the classic rosette shape. Simply create your rosette bow shape and to the center, add a flat button or label with your achievement! This is an especially great DIY rosette ribbon option for those commemorating scholastic (or every day!) achievements.

FYI: To create rosette ribbon awards, we love using double-faced satin ribbon.

Accessorize clothes: Dress up a plain piece of clothing with a blooming rosette bow accessory. Simply make your bow and glue onto a pin or brooch. Then, add rosette bow onto clothing. This trendy DIY is perfect for upcoming sweater weather.

FYI: For a fancy rosette ribbon accessory, we love layering textures like lace and cotton.

Gift beautifully: Add a polished touch to your gifts with a voluminous gift bow. We love the addition of a rosette bow to gifts because its fluffy shape looks complicated and extravagant, but it’s actually one of the easiest bows to create.

FYI: The wider the ribbon, the more extravagant the gift bow. To ensure your rosette petals maintain their shape, use wired ribbon.

Rosette Bow DIY In 4 Easy Steps

Easily create a basic rosette bow with only a few items. Here, we walk you through a bow that could be used for accessories and gift giving. If you were interested in embellishing your awards with a ribbon rosette shape, simply choose a wide ribbon, and instead of using your hand to create bow layers, use a wide cardboard surface (or this convenient Bow Genius!).

What You’ll Need:

How To Make A Rosette Bow:

  1. Create the layers of your bow with your hands. Hold four fingers in one hand together and wrap with your ribbon 10 times. While wrapping, make sure the layers are flat.
  2. Once wrapped, slide the ribbon off your hand. To ensure the layers stay flat, cinch the layers together at the center of your bow with your fingers. On each side of your ribbon, cut a notch.
  3. Slip your twine into notches, pull tightly, and secure center of your bow.
  4. Form your rosette petals by gently spreading ribbon layers outward and twisting upward. Once rosette petals are formed, shape into a fluffy ball.

No Time To DIY? Pre-Folded Poly Bows To The Rescue!

It’s no secret, we love ease and convenience. Sometimes, we don’t have time to loop ribbon around our hand, cut through these layers, and tie. For these moments, we turn to Folded Poly Bows. These bows have a soft, elegant sheen to them and are packaged pre-folded, pre-notched, and with its center pre-tied. This means the only step left is the fun step – fluff! We just form the layers outward, twist a little, and voila! Beautiful bow in under 60 seconds.


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